Tuesday 22 November 2016

SAI Global sues former worker for raiding database

By Sarah Danckert Sydney Morning Herald

Nicking a pen or taking some batteries home from the office is almost an Australian past-time, but some people take a whole lot more from their employers and end up paying for it dearly.

Last week, the Federal Court found that an employee at information services and compliance powerhouse SAI Global had accessed the company's database and made copies onto a USB stick and then an Excel spreadsheet before jumping to competitor Infotrack.

Sales staffer Liam Johnstone breached his employment contract with SAI Global, his employment duties under the Corporations Act and the company's copyright through his unauthorised use of SAI Global's confidential data, according to declarations made by Justice Mark Moshinsky.

SAI Global sued Mr Johnstone for a little over $9231 in damages and returned wages as well $275,469 in costs after discovering Mr Johnstone's unauthorised access to their database after he left the company in November last year.

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