Monday 6 July 2020

MC Car Transport - buyer beware!

After being outed in The Australian for ripping off his 'Saba Lawyer' clients Saba El-Hanania started a car transport business using funds he had stolen to purchase a fleet of car trailers and SUV's. Advertising in Facebook and Google Adwords Hanania uses a number of aliases including 'Simon Claude', 'Simon Hanania' and 'Saba Hanania' to attract car owners to his car transport businesses.

His first car transport business traded as 'RMC Transport' however after many posts and bad reviews from ripped off car owners Hanania launched a new business 'MC Car Transport' ( The pic below shows both his RMC Transport and MC Car Transport businesses, identical except for the business name and URL's.

MC Car Transport

Saba Hanania's MO is to quote for car transport jobs, get paid up front then no-show. Car owners are left with attempting to contact Hanania however he blocks all disgruntled callers. Chasing him via the courts is expensive and likely a waste of time and money. Saba El-Hanania already has judgements against him for 100's of thousands, none of which have been paid.  

His fleet of vehicles are registered in his wifes name and his many assets including the Family Home, Prestige Cars and Collectible Motor Bikes are not in his name. The Bisbane address advertised on his websites and advertising is a virtual address used to avoid Process Servers and Police. Hanania operates from the family home in Belfield NSW however callers are advised he no longer resides there and his address is unknown.  

If you have been ripped off by Saba El-Hanania or any of his aliases report it immediately to Police and get an event number. If you have a story about El-Hanania send it to us via the Send us Your Story link in the navbar above.