Saturday 11 January 2020

Car Transport Consumer Alert - RMC Transport

rmc transport belfield sydney nsw, dangerous, avoid at all costs
RMC Transport A Car Transport Company To Avoid

Car Transport business RMC Transport and its owner Saba Hanania have been reported to RMS NSW for consistantly towing vehicles in excess of the allowable tow weight for their tow vehicles. Apart from the danger to other road users RMC Transport are breaching their obligations under their Transit and Comprehensive Insurance policies in addition to breaches to the third party cover (Green Slip). It is likely Hanania would not be covered in the event of an accident.

Hanania has already been reported to Fair Trading for not paying drivers and has complaints against him for accepting payment to transport vehicles and then no-showing - read more here.


In pics below, taken from RMC Transport Facebook page, Hanania's towing weight is from 500kg to nearly a Ton over the allowable tow weight for the Ford Ranger he uses to transport vehicles (also in the pics).

Hanania often brags about his driving hours "one more to go probably finish around midnight tonight from a 5am start" and "That concludes a long 16 hour day until tomorrow" - two extracts from RMC Transport's Facebook Page.

Apart from the obvious danger from towing well above a vehicles allowable tow weight Hanania is also driving well over National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR - Fatigue Management Standard Hours) permitted driving hours for professional drivers adding to the danger for other road users including himself. He is well over the GCM of 5 ton however drives a car and trailer so is able to ignore the regulations.

rmc transport almost a ton over allowable tow weight
RMC Transport 1000kg Over Allowable Tow Weight

rmc transport 500 kgs over allowable tow weight
RMC Transport 500kg Over Allowable Tow Weight

RMC Transport 500kg over allowable tow weight.
RMC Transport 500kgs Over Allowable Tow Weight

Saba Hanania RMC Transport well over NHVR Standard Driving Hours
Well Over NHVR Standard Driving Hours (Max 12)

If you have an unresolved dispute with RMC Transport it is recommended you contact Consumer Affairs in your State. You will need the following information for your complaint:
RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd ABN 46 633 771 534 t/a RMC Transport
2 Blanche Street
Belfield NSW 2191
Tel: 0407 190 190

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