The Roselyn Singh File

We and many others, including victims, have been writing about Dr Roselyn Singh's fraudulent activities for a number years. Remarkably, despite the number of complaints to various State and Federal Authorities, Ministers, Police and Fair Work by ex-employees, Singh has never been investigated.

Dr Roselyn Singh PhD, MBA, BCom (Hons) is not a doctor nor does she hold any other tertiary qualifications contrary to her various profiles showing up in routine searches; Search: Dr Roselyn Singh.

Regardless of evidence and witnesses, to Singh using her "qualifications" to assist her mislead and deceive victims for financial gain, Police and spokespersons at Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    Roselyn Singh Reports
  1. Six different directors named Roselyn Singh in the same company
  2. Roselyn Singh Reported to AFP for Identity Theft
  3. Miss Earth Australia - A Scam!
  4. Passing Off on the Macquarie Network and as a Lawyer
  5. Passing Off on National Breast Cancer Foundation
  6. IP Theft & Passing Off
  7. Identity Theft, Data Theft, Misleading & Deceptive Conduct
  8. Conspiracy to Commit Fraud & Passing Off
  9. Other Publications
  10. Miss Earth Australia Winner Stripped of Title
  11. Legal Action Likely
  12. Miss Earth Australia in Crisis
  13. Is There Trouble Brewing in Miss Earth Australia
  14. Rappler: Miss Earth Australia 2014 winner stripped of title
(APHRA), the NSW Health Care Complaint Commission (HCCC), Department of Fair Trading and ASIC have all stated in words to the effect:

"Singh can list herself as a doctor on medical websites sites, including various local and international doctor directories because she has a PhD"

When confronted with the fact that Singh actually holds no tertiary qualifications whatsoever, much less a doctorate, HCCC and APHRA responded in words to the effect:

"that's not our problem, she is not a health care professional".

ASIC and Fair Trading responded in words to the effect:

"it is not of significant enough importance to investigate"..

Dr Roselyn Singh PhD, MBA, BCom (Hons)

Singh has been reported to various authorities for:
  • Identity Theft
  • Data and IP Theft
  • Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Using someone elses Medicare Card
  • Passing Off on local and international trademarks, Politicians, The Liberal Party, various businesses and charities
  • Deceptive and Misleading Conduct
  • Falsifying Information to ASIC
  • Illegal Phoenix
  • Passing off as a Doctor
  • Passing off as a Lawyer
  • Use of a Carriage Service to Menace, Harass and Cause Offence
  • False Accusations against competitor medical centre owners causing investigations by HCCC and NSW Police
  • Unfair Dismissal and refusing to pay employees
These are just some of Singh's activities reported to Data Theft Au and authorities. There are many creditors for her various businesses who have never been paid. Singh's businesses include:
  • UTSG Consortium Pty Ltd (wound up by ASIC owing creditors & victims millions)
  • Sydney City Medical Pty Ltd
  • Sydney City Medical Centre
  • UTSG Global Pty Ltd
  • Miss Earth Australia - Official
  • Miss Earth Australia Foundation
  • V Health
  • V Health Plus
  • V Plus Foundation
  • Pitt St Medical Centre
There are also number of other entities run by various people on behalf of Singh.

If you know more or have a "Roselyn Singh" story please contact us

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