A decade ago we were the victims of systematic data theft and passing off by employees not once but on five separate occasions and all within a relatively short period of time. Even my identity was stolen by these insiders and used to make false accusations to the HCCC about a competitor doctor who made the tragic mistake of opening a new practice to near to one these ethically challenged individuals new location.

How can it happen so often in the same business I hear you ask?

To meet their job description (seeing patients) they required access to patient records. It's as simple as that. Any sort of access, authorised or not, is an open door to theft. Some of these self entitled 'health professionals' even organised hackers to present as patients to get access to information not available to them via their logins. And even this is not illegal in Australia. Most of the patient records were actually accessed by a receptionist who resigned a few months later and went to work for the thieves. For no other reason than self entitlement and greed these individuals breached their contracts and stole from their employer.

Don't think for one minute you will get any assistance from Police, Fair Trading, ASIC, The HCCC, APHRA or any of the associations in the health industry. In fact a data thief currently serves on the board of one these associations. Even the theft of someones identity, to make false accusations against another person is not illegal in Australia and will not be investigated by Police or the HCCC. Making false accusations however is a crime under both the health ACT and the Crimes Act however getting Police to investigate a woman making false accusations is all but impossible.

The loss and damages to the family business we founded in 1998, were so significant we lost the business, our home and every other asset we and our extended family owned.

Being over 60 it was no fun trying to pick up the pieces and start again however rather than be beaten by the experience I started this blog to warn others, particularly those in small-to-medium sized businesses, about insider data theft, IP theft, employer/employee rip offs, passing off, the Singh Scam and other frauds that rarely make the news. To date and unfortunately, for victims, research about a rip off artist usually begins after the fraud and at that point there is little anybody can do unless they have very deep pockets.


Dr Roselyn Singh PhD, MBA BCom(Hons) a data thief and one of Sydney's most notorious scammers made false accusations to Police about the writer after began exposing her fraudulent behaviour and irregular business dealings. Singh produced false evidence using the same email address she set up to make false accusations about the doctor we mentioned earlier. The emails written by Singh using a stolen identity and other false evidence caused the Police to arrest the writer despite there being a fraud report about Singh's illegal activities that had been sitting at Sydney City LAC for over 12 months. Police chose to take Singh at "her word" rather than investigate any of her accusations or even consider the fraud report which highlighted her previous false accusations to HCCC about a local doctor. Sydney City LAC refused to accept any evidence that will prove Singh is guilty of a crime much less even interview her about false accusations to Police and the HCCC.

Singh by the way has no tertiary qualifications however, again in Australia it is not illegal to pass off as a doctor (if you have a false PhD - see link above) or to use these false qualifications to help rope in victims. Passing off is a regularly used scam by Singh and again there are no protections provided by any authority in Australia, it is strictly a commercial matter.

Buyer be very aware of this fraud, she is extremely convincing having successfully scammed many victims which are mostly small business owners. Most of her victims are actually scared of what she will do to them having witnessed what she has done to others who dared make any offical complaints so she continues to ply her trade around Sydney robbing all who cross her path with what appears to be total immunity.

If you have a data theft or rip off story or any interesting information about Roselyn Singh please send it to us

Update to False Allegation Case - May 2nd, 2020 - follow this link
False Allegations by Roselyn Singh Ends Up With A High Court Ruling Against NSW Police