Monday 2 December 2019

Car Transporter RMC Transport - Scammers

Saba Hanania (El-Hanania) of RMC Transport in Belfield, NSW (Sydney) has been reported to Fair Trading for various fraudulent activities including underpayment of drivers and taking money then no showing to transport vehicles.

Saba Hanania is also a lawyer and owner of Saba Lawyers.


After receiving the deposit and arranging to transport a vehicle from Adelaide to Brisbane Saba Hanania was a no show leaving the vehicle owner with having to quickly organise an alternative. Her furniture had already been picked up by removalists and she was booked on a flight to Brisbane that same morning.

In another case a couple had traveled over 4 hours to meet Saba Hanania to help co-ordinate the pick up of a very expensive classic car. Saba Hanania was a no show and after three hours of attempting to contact him they gave up and returned home.

These are just two examples of how this car transporter treats clients. If you have prepaid for a job and a better opportunity for Saba Hanania coincides with your job he'll drop you like a hot cake and offer some lame excuse. The Bush Fires is one of his recent favourites and good luck chasing him for a refund (click pic below).

RMC Transport Saba Hanania
Facebook Review by a person ripped off by Hanania

Hanania's fraudulent activites don't just involve businesses and clients he owes money for services or goods purchased and refunds for jobs not done there is also the matter of not paying drivers he has engaged to deliver vehicles for RMC Transport. Exploiting individuals for their labor knowing they have limited financial resources for redress fits right into the slavery bucket.

Saba Hanania's customer service practice for dealing with disgruntled clients, businesses and ex drivers is to block their number and ignore all contact. As mentioned earlier Saba Hanania is also a lawyer so getting refunded or paid will be challenging.

Lawyer Client Confidentiality - Betrayed by Hanania

Saba Lawyers Website states: "Listen as our lawyer immediately tells you their initial free expert review of your situation. This confidential review . . . ."

Saba Hananiia (Lawyer - Saba Lawyers) doesn't stop at just ripping people off in the Car Transport Industry. In the lowest of acts he betrayed client confidentiality by publishing texts between he and a client to Facebook. Why?? He owes the client money, a lot of money, and has refused to pay them. Publishing the texts was an attempt by Hanania to discredit his client. It has been recommended Hanania be reported to the Law Society. We can't elaborate any further however check back for updates on the progress of that complaint.

Don't Use RMC Transport, there are much better alternatives!!

If you want your car transported there are a number of company's who will deliver on their promise, Saba Hanania, judging by the number of complaints regarding his "interesting business practices" is someone who should be avoided.

If you have an unresolved dispute with RMC Transport it is recommended you contact Consumer Affairs in your State. You will need the following information for your complaint:
RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd ABN 46 633 771 534 t/a RMC Transport
2 Blanche Street
Belfield NSW 2191
Tel: 0407 190 190

UPDATE (January 25, 2020

We were contacted yesterday by a lady who had paid Saba Hanania (owner of Saba Lawyers) to represent her son. Hanania organised to meet them on the court house steps and no showed. Taking money upfront and no-showing is Hanania's MO. You would be very wise to avoid this bloke like the proverbial plague.

UPDATE (January 11, 2020

RMC Transport and Saba Hanania Reported to RMS NSW for towing well over allowable tow weight. Read the full story here.

UPDATE (December 20, 2019)

Hanania and RMC Transport have been reported to Fair Trading for underpaying drivers however he responded with a common ploy used by unscrupulous business owners to avoid investigation - his drivers are "contractors".

Saba Hanania (El-Hanania) Saba Lawyers
Saba Hanania - Saba Lawyers
Saba Hanania (El-Hanania) Saba Lawyers
Saba Hanania - RMC Transport

If you are working in Australia on a Visa that ploy no longer washes with Fair Trading however if you are an Australian Citizen it takes the investigation off the table. This doesn't change Hanania's obligation to pay drivers however it now becomes a commercial matter that has to be dealt with in the courts, a costly drawn out legal process.

If you have had similar experiences with Saba Hanania please send us your story.

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