Friday 11 December 2020

Saba "Sam" Hanania the Victim Farmer

saba sam hanania
Saba Hanania uses his brothers ID & head shot to continue his rip offs on Facebook

There is a particular type of fraud that remains popular and is used effectively to steal money from unsuspecting victims with little to no chance of getting your money back or the perpetrator being arrested. You may of heard of Pharming which are cyber scams more often using malware designed to get your personal details including passwords and other identity details. You can learn more about Pharming by going to this link.

Pharming can also use the more traditional methods of obtaining monies through deception. For instance a perpetrator may set up a website or landing page then use Google Adwords to attract potential victims to the site. Other instances include setting up Facebook Pages and or Fake Profiles. Facebook, E'bay, Amazon, Gumtree and almost every site where you can buy goods or services has their fair share of scammers. And there are many methods they will use to attract you to a product or service which they have no intention of delivering or providing after you've parted with your hard earned.

In this article we are going to focus on one particular individual now in the car transport industry by the name of Saba Hanania, a bankrupted ex lawyer, who perfected the art of farming for victims in the legal profession. We haven't seen this person on any of the Current Affair type shows yet however he has had two write ups in The Australian Newspaper so he does have a modicum of infamy.

There are a range of reasons to use an alias however it is usually an author, actor, singer or somebody wanting anonymity to help keep their personal life out of the spotlight. Car Transport is not likely an industry where business owners and drivers would be seeking that type on anonymity. That is unless there is a motive. An operator who sets up a number of business names, companies and aliases is very likely one that you would want to avoid or at the very least research before engaging them to transport your car. There are of course the big operators in transport who will acquire businesses as part of their growth strategy however not the smaller players delivering a few cars a week.

The Law Farm

Saba Hanania is an ex lawyer whose company, Saba Lawyers, was shut down by the NSW Law Society for fraud. Hanania used Google Adwords and landing pages to farm for victims. Individual landing pages would feature specific topics 'Expert Criminal Lawyer', 'Expert on Deceased Estates' and 'Expert Compensation Lawyer' to name some.

One of Hanania's most egregious acts was as an expert compensation lawyer. He stole over $300,000.00 from compensation awarded to a seriously injured truck driver. The funds were removed by Hanania from the law firms trust account without the permission of the trucky. Hanania forged signatures on permission correspondence to withdraw monies from the Law Firm Trust account. Five years on and 9 judgements in the truckies favour, he is yet to see any of the stolen money or the awarded costs. It is estimated Hanania owes the trucky in excess of $450,000.00.

As an expert criminal lawyer, he would have defendants pay funds into the firms trust account up front. Hanania would then not turn up to court leaving defendants out of pocket and with no representation. And as an expert deceased estate lawyer he was paid $30,000.00 to sort out a $1.3M estate for a woman in the UK. What she didn't know was that he was touring Europe and the US at the time then returned to Australia and promptly went skiing on her dime. Nothing was done on the case apart from it being passed around the Saba Law Firm. Constant enquiries by the client were ignored. The money paid had been used up on Hanania's holiday and she lost all entitlements to the estate.

There are many more individual instances of fraud by Hanania, some still before the courts. If the NSW Law Society acted on the very first complaint about Hanania the incredible amount of financial ruin and suffering caused by his appalling behaviour could have been avoided. Victims are hoping to get some compensation from the NSW Law Society Fidelity Fund. Claims against the fund closed on July 3rd, 2020 and at time of writing the NSW Law Society had not been heard from since.

Sam Hanania over tow weight by at least 2 ton
Alias Sam Hanania over tow weight for a Ford Raptor by over 2 Ton.

Farming a New Crop - Hanania pivots to Car Transport

Saba Hanania, Sam Hanania, Simon Hanania, Simon H and Simon Claude are one and the same. Saba Hanania has been using his brother identity (Sam Hanania) to rip off car owners and professional drivers on Facebook for the past 12 months. They're maybe other aliases we are not aware of. Hanania's Businesses include RMC Transport, MC Car Transport, Race My Car and Prestige Car Transport. Like the aliases there may be others. Each of the businesses have website landing pages and Facebook Pages. Each of the aliases have fake Facebook Profiles. Google Adwords and Facebook Groups are used to Farm for victims.

The Hanania Modus Operandi (MO)

Planting the seed. Using Google Adwords to drive traffic to landing pages and aliases strategically posting in various Facebook car groups Hanania attracts car owners requiring their vehicles transported. Hanania quotes the job, gets payment up front and in some cases does the job. According to some user comments he does it relatively well although there have been some horror stories around damage to vehicles and very late on pick up and delivery. There have even been stolen vehicle reports made to Police. Hanania has explained these off as a "misunderstanding" and the car turns up delivered by another carrier. Negative comments are quickly deleted from Hanania's various pages. Leaving this all aside we'll focus on the scam.

The No Show Scam

As we are all aware chasing down any amount of money less than about $10k in Australia is a complete waste of time, energy and resources. Even if you win and costs are awarded you still have to get the money. Ex lawyer Hanania knows this all too well.

So you have landed on a Hanania page or website via a Google search or a post on Facebook. Contact is made, you've agreed the quote, paid the money and you are now waiting for your car to be picked up and delivered to the agreed destination. There has even been a few txt's exchanged confirming ETA and some pleasantries, all is good.

Pick up time arrives, pick up time passes, waiting, waiting, waiting, better txt my new mate Sam, Simon or Saba and see where he has got too. No reply. Better ring, goes to voicemail. Try again and again and again, no response!! You go to the website, fill out a form, you go to his facebook page and message him . . . . no response. Unbeknown to you he has blocked your number. You realise you've been dudded. What you didn't know is a better job landed and when that happens your job ends up a no show.

The seed was planted, the crop brought in a tidy sum however not enough to go to court over. You can go to Police and make a report. They'll likely tell you it's a commercial matter. Don't feel too bad, you weren't the first nor will you be the last. According to posts about Hanania on Facebook no-shows are a regular occurrence. Just this past week alone over $6000.00 in no-shows and no contact were reported on Facebook. Hanania is an expert at fraud with incidences going right back to the early 2000's.

Follow The Money

Where did the money fraudulently taken from the Saba Lawyers trust account go? For a bankrupted ex lawyer Hanania has accumulated a lot of transport kit all of which is parked at his home in Belfield where, when visited by authorities wanting to serve documents, he apparently doesn't live any more. Parked in the garage in Belfield is also a $200k Lotus Race car and a very rare Ducati apparently valued at over $150k. Hanania has boasted in texts he owns a stable of over $2M in cars and bikes. All assets are now in wife Marcella's name. Marcella recently advertised a Ducati part on Gumtree. Previous sales on Gumtree by Marcella include a 6hp petrol compressor. Hanania has recently ordered another new Ford Ranger from Heartland Ford in Greenacre valued at over $56k. Not bad for a bankrupt.

The client money stolen from the Law Firms Trust account had to go to another account and may have even been distributed to more accounts. It doesn't come out in cash. The fact is there is a money trail and we are not talking small change here. All the Hanania assets are now in the wife's name. Where did she get the money from to accumulate all these assets? Tax records would reveal her income. There is a file on record at the NSW Law Society full of victim statements, forged documents and signatures.

In NSW concealing a serious indictable offence falls under SECT 316 of the CRIMES ACT 1900. According to (1) of this Act, if a person knows or believes another person has committed a serious indictable offence and has information which might be of material assistance in securing the apprehension of the offender or the prosecution or conviction of the offender for it fails without reasonable excuse to report it to the police or other appropriate authority, that other person is liable to imprisonment for 2 years.

Are the people handling the Hanania case at the NSW Law Society immune from prosecution under the ACT? Why don't NSW Police request a copy of the file? There are enough incidents on the Computerised Operational Policing System (COPS) database to at least raise a red flag.

With all that is known about Saba Hanania you would think there would be some interest from authorities in investigating him. If you walked into the local Woollies and got caught stealing a $5.00 chocolate you'd be charged with shop lifting. Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must not accept payment for products or services if they do not intend to supply them. The ACCC have a bit of a bark but they have no teeth and frankly aren't interested. They will advise you to take legal action. NSW Fair Trading aren't interested, to them its a commercial matter so don't waste your time there.

If you have been dudded by this bloke or you know anybody who has report it immediately to Police. Contact us to get his "correct" contact details. At least this does get the incident onto the COPS database.

Friday 14 August 2020

Roselyn Singh - (Simran Singh) Fraudulent Claim for over $45Million

Simran "Roselyn" Singh, Dr Baig & John Frisken
From left: Simran "Roselyn" Singh - Dr Mirza Baig - John Frisken

Roselyn Singh (alias Simran Singh) attempted to defraud the NSW Govt of over $45Million. Justice Pepper was scathing of Singh when handing down her Principal judgment. Singh used the alias "Simran Singh" in her fraudulant claim. Roselyn Singh is listed with ASIC under at least 7 different names, dates and places of birth. Singh also claims to have a PhD, MBA, and B.Coms (hons) however her claims to these tertiary qualifications have proven to be false.

In late 2016, Sydney Metro served a proposed acquisition notice on Roselyn Singh alias Simran Singh and Dr Mirza Baig's business, UTSG Pty Ltd (“UTSG”) in respect of its leasehold interest in premises located at Vhealth Plus 40 Park Street, Sydney, for the purposes of construction of the Sydney Metro – City and South West Project.

Sydney Metro had already acquired the freehold interest in the Park Street property, and advised UTSG they required vacant possession of the property by April 2017 and that rent remained payable for occupation of the premises. Singh and her business partner Dr Baig refused to pay rent and submitted a claim for compensation.

The following is extracted directly from Justice Rachel Pepper's Principal Judgement on the compensation claim:

UTSG repeatedly failed to comply with directions of the Court, which had the result of delaying the commencement of the final hearing and resulted in unnecessary expenditure by Sydney Metro. For example, the Court found in August 2018 that the length and volume of interlocutory applications in the proceedings were “characterised by UTSG’s continual default and non-compliance with court orders” (UTSG Pty Ltd v Sydney Metro [2018] NSWLEC 128 at [34]). The dates originally listed for hearing in August 2018 were vacated because Mr Mullins withdrew his expert report and that “the withdrawal of his expert opinion was caused by the failure of UTSG to properly instruct and brief Mr Mullins” (UTSG at [54]). UTSG also repeatedly failed to comply with its obligation to produce documents (UTSG Pty Ltd v Sydney Metro (No 2) [2018] NSWLEC 199 at [25]-[38]). This continued through the proceedings (UTSG Pty Ltd v Sydney Metro (No 5) [2019] NSWLEC 107 at [15]);

The amount of compensation determined by the VG and offered to UTSG, namely, $2,136,834, was not only premised on the misleading financial information contained in the Goodyer report, it was manifestly excessive in light of the evidence now before the Court. It was not in any event accepted by UTSG. UTSG expressly declined to accept compensation in this sum at various times during the hearing;

UTSG’s claim for compensation continually changed resulting in wasted costs for Sydney Metro as claims were abandoned and added. The initial quantification of its claim for compensation in its points of claim filed on 10 May 2018 was approximately $19 million for relocation, or in the alternative, $48 million for extinguishment. During the hearing it abandoned its claim for business extinguishment. By the time it made its closing address on 13 December 2019 its claim was in excess of $45 million for relocation. Such conduct was unreasonable.

The various amounts of compensation claimed by UTSG were never supported by credible reliable evidence. At all stages of the proceedings the amount of compensation claimed by UTSG was completely untenable.

Undeterred by a paucity of evidence, and in the face of cogent and detailed lay and expert evidence adduced by Sydney Metro, UTSG continued to maintain its position throughout the proceedings.

As detailed in this judgment, Ms Singh sought to advance UTSG’s claim for compensation by relying on fraudulent and doctored documents, by inventing fictitious entities, and by lying about important matters both in her written and oral evidence.

UTSG attempted to rely on evidence that was unfairly prejudicial to Sydney Metro or caused costs to be wasted insofar as the evidence was either served late (such as the additional material served by UTSG on the first day of the hearing, the report from Njoro & Associates concerning the Business Sale Agreement attached to a supplementary report of Mr Watts dated 1 April 2019, or the material that UTSG sought to tender after its case had closed on the third last day of the hearing (Ex F: T1257:24-26)), was withdrawn by UTSG (such as the evidence of Mr John Frisken, Mr Hollins and Mr Dunn), or the relevant witnesses were not available for cross-examination (for example, Mr Allsopp, Dr Shakoor and Mr Fahad).

The scandalous and baseless accusations UTSG continually made throughout the hearing impugning the character and integrity of the legal representatives of Sydney Metro.

On any view, the conduct of the litigation was unreasonable and improper. Ms Singh was largely responsible for UTSG persistently failing to comply with Court orders which caused repeated delay and unnecessary costs, she fabricated documents (the Business Sale Agreement and the doctored email,) and other evidence, (the existence of entities such as LPAA, Cara Adams, Jessica Cheung and TaxSavvy), and gave evidence that she knew to be false both in her affidavits and orally.

Ms Simran Roselyn Singh (also known as Ms Roselyn Singh) is jointly and severally liable to pay the respondent’s costs of the proceedings.

Will Singh now be investigated for this attempted fraud on NSW Tax Payers? We'll keep you posted.

Link to the Principal Judgement.

A summary of the Judgement by Mathews Folbigg Lawyers

If you have a story about 'Roselyn Singh' (or Simran Singh) use the "submit your story" at the top of this page.

False Allegations by "Roselyn Singh" Ends Up With A High Court Ruling Against NSW Police
Singh and Frisken made false accusations including providing doctored evidence causing an arrest which ended in the High Court. Todate Singh has not been investigated by NSW Police for making False accusations - a criminal offence / 7 years Jail.

The Roselyn Singh File - One of Sydney's most prolific fraudsters.

Monday 6 July 2020

MC Car Transport - buyer beware!

After being outed in The Australian for ripping off his 'Saba Lawyer' clients Saba El-Hanania started a car transport business using funds he had stolen to purchase a fleet of car trailers and SUV's. Advertising in Facebook and Google Adwords Hanania uses a number of aliases including 'Simon Claude', 'Simon Hanania' and 'Saba Hanania' to attract car owners to his car transport businesses.

His first car transport business traded as 'RMC Transport' however after many posts and bad reviews from ripped off car owners Hanania launched a new business 'MC Car Transport' ( The pic below shows both his RMC Transport and MC Car Transport businesses, identical except for the business name and URL's.

MC Car Transport

Saba Hanania's MO is to quote for car transport jobs, get paid up front then no-show. Car owners are left with attempting to contact Hanania however he blocks all disgruntled callers. Chasing him via the courts is expensive and likely a waste of time and money. Saba El-Hanania already has judgements against him for 100's of thousands, none of which have been paid.  

His fleet of vehicles are registered in his wifes name and his many assets including the Family Home, Prestige Cars and Collectible Motor Bikes are not in his name. The Bisbane address advertised on his websites and advertising is a virtual address used to avoid Process Servers and Police. Hanania operates from the family home in Belfield NSW however callers are advised he no longer resides there and his address is unknown.  

If you have been ripped off by Saba El-Hanania or any of his aliases report it immediately to Police and get an event number. If you have a story about El-Hanania send it to us via the Send us Your Story link in the navbar above.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Saba El-Hanania Lawyers Fidelity Fund - Current notices | The Law Society of NSW

Saba Hanania - Claims Against Fidelity Fund

If you have a claim against Saba Hanania, Saba Lawyers or Saba El Hanania you will need to contact OLSC before July 3, 2020. Follow this link: Fidelity Fund - Current notices | The Law Society of NSW

Saturday 2 May 2020

False Allegations made by Roselyn Singh Ends Up With A High Court Ruling Against NSW Police

Police cannot arrest individuals without intending to charge them, High Court rules following false allegations made by Roselyn Singh to NSW Police.

"Some" NSW Police are either very lazy or are just plain incompetent and there is a lot more to this story than indicated in the High Court Ruling article link below.

When a known fraud, already with a very similar complaint against them for making false allegations causing an investigation of a local doctor can walk into the very same Police Command and make another set of false allegations causing an investigation and the issuing of an AVO and the matter ends up in the highest court in Australia you know our system of law is very broken.

There are very many similar cases of falsely obtained DVO/AVO's, usually sort by women in the family court. In this case an AVO sort on false evidence was an attempt to stop articles appearing all over social media and other press about a fraud by the name of Roselyn Singh.

False Allegations by Rosleyn Singh Cause A High Court Ruling Against NSW Police
Roselyn Singh's false accusations to Police end up in the High Court

There are literally pages of content about this fraud by various writers and publishers including Datatheft.

The constable who took the complaint from Singh did not bother to check the "NO ID CALLS" she showed as evidence of harassment, the email address (or the IP address) she set up and used to send herself harassing emails, the times and dates given as evidence of harassment or to even check a previous fraud report she was alerted to that was with detectives in her own command. 

In that report was the very same email address and stolen identity Singh had set up to make false allegations against a Sydney doctor. A cursory glance at that report would have at least raised a red flag. A simple phone call to the detective handling the identity theft case against Singh could have avoided the huge expense of this absolute farce ending up in the High Court.

A check on the private calls - origin phone number, which Police have "immediate" access to would have at the very least raised some suspicion to the veracity of Roselyn Singh's false claims. Aided by business partner John Frisken (also a 'person of interest' in the report mentioned above) and elephant tears while giving her false statement Singh was able to get a Police issued AVO. Singh then provided false evidence to show a breach of the AVO and succeeded in getting her victim arrested and charged.

In the evidence that set off a series of court cases all the way to the High Court Singh had claimed she received phone calls and an email however it went into her junk folder. She said she found it after being alerted to it by one of her employees. Police naturally asked her to produce this email. She didn't, because she couldn't, there was no email sent to her for it to land in the junk mail in the first instance yet Police continued to pursue a conviction. And again Police did not check the origin number of the harassing calls on a private number she claimed to receive in breach of the AVO. On Singh's word they proceeded with an arrest with absolutely no validated evidence.

Police also lied in the courts when indicating Singh's victim had said he was interstate. Upon ringing Police after a neighbour had alerted him Police were looking for him he stated, to the "woman" constable who he was put through to when asked where he was, "I am camping with my family at Calmsley Hill City Farm" to which came the reply, "come to the Day Street Police Station immediately or we'll send Police to arrest you". He arrived at Day Street Police Station at around 5pm that afternoon.

Remember these actions, including being previously arrested at his home at 8am on Bathurst race day by three squad cars and 6 uniformed Police were done on the insistence of a Senior Police officer without a single shred of validated evidence. The 6 uniformed Police knocked on every door in his block of units asking for him by name before knocking on his door! Why? 

Is our legal system broken or do we just have a whole bunch of very incompetent power hungry self serving wallopers keen to get a few notches on their belt. This whole mess started because a woman constable "refused" to check the validity of serious accusations made by a known fraud. How do we know she "refused" to look more closely?

A complaint about the matter was made directly with the Police Commissioner. The matter should then have been independently considered however that didn't happen. The matter was handed back to the very same constable who took the false complaint from Singh. She then rang the victim of Singh's false claims and told him she was proceeding with the complaint. When asked was she going to at least look at the fraud report that had been with Detectives for over 6 months about Singh's false allegations against the Sydney doctor using a stolen identity, she said "no" and hung up.

Who paid for this injustice to reach the High Court? You the tax payer!!

Is Singh going to be investigated for making false claims causing an investigation? At time of publishing the answer is a resounding "No". There has been no response to any communications with Sydney City PAC about Singh.

Writing to the NSW Police Commissioner to seek an explanation as to why a false allegation case that reached the High Court does not require at the very least an investigation into Singh's role in the matter and why there was no "independant enquiry" following a complaint about the constable instigating an AVO on totally unveriffed evidence that turned out to be absolutely false . . . . . .  is a complete waste of time!! 

Singh has been ripping off small business owners for years, has numerous complaints against her with ASIC and NSW Health yet it appears she remains completely immune to any form of investigation. The investigation by Sydney Detectives about her false accusations against a Sydney Doctor didn't even make it out of the filing cabinet. The Detective in charge retired and so apparently did the file. 

The High Court Ruling on This Case can be found here: Police Cannot Arrest Individuals Without Intending to Charge Them, High Court Rules

It appears Dr Roslyn Singh PhD, MBA, B.Coms (hons) - false credentials has some kind of immunity from investigation let alone prosecution by any authority. One day we'll find out why!!

"A person who makes an accusation intending a person to be the subject of an investigation of an offence, knowing that other person to be innocent of the offence, is liable to imprisonment for 7 years."

Roselyn Singh has lifted her fraud game to new heights. With business partners Dr Mirza Salman Baig and John Frisken Singh attempted to rip off the NSW Govt. for over $45,000,000.00.  Read more here

If you have a story about Roselyn Singh or any of her many alias's and company's contact us via the submit your story link above.

The Roselyn Singh File

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Unregistered lawyer Saba Hanania owes us thousands, say ‘victims’

unregistered lawyer saba hanania also runs RMC Transport Brisbane
Accident victim Alon Vella on his property in Castlereagh on the outskirts of Sydney. Picture: Britta Campion

The Australian

A father of four who was seriously injured in a truck accident is one of at least eight people who say they’ve been ripped off by a Sydney lawyer and are angry at the lack of response from regulators.

Alon Vella accepted a $900,000 payout after he was ­seriously injured in a truck accident in 2006. The money was meant to help him support his family, but instead he received just $500,000 and is still fighting his lawyer — Saba El-Hanania — for the rest.

The payout money landed in Mr El-Hanania’s trust account in about October 2015. Mr El-Hanania finally gave Mr Vella an itemised bill in September 2016 — for $295,000 in legal fees, including 500 hours of his own time, plus another $180,000 in disbursements.

An independent cost assessor determined that the legal fees were worth just $44,000.

In 2018, Mr El-Hanania agreed he owed Mr Vella $213,000. But, despite at least eight judgments in four different courts, Mr Vella is still chasing his money — a process he said had been even more stressful than the accident.

Mr Vella said he first complained to the NSW Law Society and the Legal Services Commissioner in late 2015. In February, the NSW Law Society finally appointed a manager to Mr El-Hanania’s legal practice. But those owed money say it’s too little, too late.

Saba Hanania also runs a car transport business "RMC Transport".

Read more here

Thursday 20 February 2020

Lawyer Saba Hanania Enjoying The Fruits of His Ripp Offs

Lawyer Saba Hanania, owner of Saba Lawyers and RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd t/a RMC Transport is no stranger to good times on his victims money.

Hanania's Law Firm Saba Lawyers is now under Law Society management due to serious breaches including fraud.

Saba Hanania's Law Firm - Saba Lawyers 

Direct Link to OLSC:

Hanania's RMC Transport up and down Facebook Page is a testimont to his frivolous regard to the truth and his total disregard for Court issued Judgements. Hanania claims to be broke, separated from his wife Marcella and says he is no longer living at his Belfield home. The following screenshot, taken Feb 20, 2020 from his RMC Transport FB Page, clearly indicates he is working from the address he says he no longer lives at. Ex employees also vouch for the fact he still lives in the home with his wife and two sons.

Hanania Operaes His Business From His Home Address in Belfield

UPDATE Feb 21, 2020: RMC Transport now advertise this business address: Level 8/757 Ann Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. Hanania uses the virtual office feature offered by Corporate House. They take redirected calls from his Mobile and send enquiry to Hanania via email. The actual business does not operate from Fortitude Valley. More Info: 07 3667 8800.

The RMC Transport Face Book page re-emerged after Hanania removed all the bad reviews from customers he has ripped off. Hanania bans clients from commenting on posts and has removed any ability to review his business.

The following montage of photos taken from his RMC Transport Face Book page indicates pretty clearly that this fraudster is living large whilst creditors and victims rely on the Law Society, our Courts and Government Departments like Fair Trading / Consumer Affairs to hopefully put a stop to his duplicitous conduct. Don't hold your breath!!

A complaint to Fair Trading about not paying a casual employee went absolutely no where. All Hanania had to do was lie and the whole matter was buried and left for the victim to try and get his hard earned. Another ex-employee is still trying to get over $30,000.00 owed to her from over two years ago and inspite of judgements in her favour has had no joy. She joins the many other victims who also have judgements against him trying to get their money.

Hanania avoiding judgements and having fun in his $400,000.00 Race Car
At The Track in His $400,000.00 Lotus Race Car

Saba Hanania orders a new truck for RMC Transport despite owing creditors thousands
Hanania Orders a New Truck For RMC Transport

More cars for Hanania but where is the money for his creditors???
Hanania Adding More Vehicles to His Fleet

If you have an unresolved dispute with RMC Transport it is recommended you contact Consumer Affairs in your State. You will need the following information for your complaint:
RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd ABN 46 633 771 534 t/a RMC Transport
2 Blanche Street
Belfield NSW 2191
Tel: 0407 190 190

Police Report Event Numbers related to Saba Hanania

A Sydney Law firm is co-ordinating all fraudulant complaints made to Police related to Saba Hanania, RMC Transport and Saba Lawyers. Contact us via FB Messenger or our form and we will connect you with the law firm. Please note only contact us after you have reported your incident with Saba Hanania, RMC Transport or Saba Lawyers and have a Police Event Number.

More Information about RMC Transport and Saba Hanania

Hanania Uses Google Adwords to Get His Next Victim

Car Transporter RMC Transport - Scammers

Car Transport Consumer Alert - RMC Transport

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Sydney to Melbourne Overnight | Car Transport Service Pick Up‎

Sydney to Melbourne Car Transport rip off - RMC Transport
Have you been ripped off by RMC Transport? Report it to Police.


Sydney car transport business "RMC Transport" have been reported for demanding money up front then not turning up to pick up vehicles. The image above is one of their Google Adwords placements. The owner of the business Saba Hanania and RMC Transport should be avoided.

Their advertised phone numbers are: 0407 190 190 and 1800 984 178.

Report it to Police

If you have paid these guys to transport your vehicle and they haven't showed up, report it immediately to your local Police Station and get an event number. You may be told its a commercial or civil matter however insist on reporting it anyway. Important: Get the event number!

We have spoken to Police and have been advised this is the best course of action to have these matters esculated to the Police Fraud Squad. In addition let Hanania know you are reporting him. We know of one person who got their money back after he contacted Hanania to let him know he was going report him to the Police.

For more information about RMC Transport and owner Saba Hanania go here!

Thursday 6 February 2020

Car Transport Company "RMC Transport"

Been Ripped Off by RMC? Report Immediately to your nearest Police Station
Been ripped off by RMC Transport? Report Immediately to Police!!

Are you a victim of Car Transport business RMC Transport or the business owner Saba Hanania?

If you have paid these guys to transport your vehicle and they haven't showed up, report it immediately to your local Police Station and get an event number. You may be told its a commercial or civil matter however insist on reporting it anyway. Important: Get the event number!

We have spoken to Police and been advised this is the best course of action to have these matters esculated to the Police Fraud Squad.

Have you been ripped off by Saba Lawyers?

Similar to his transport business, Saba Hanania takes money up front to handle legal cases then doesn't turn up at court.

Again report this to Police immediately and get an event number. Police may advise this again is a civil matter however ask them to take the report anyway. Important: Get the event number!

Saba Hanania has taken down his RMC Transport Facebook page after receiving bad reviews and being exposed as a fraud. He uses Google Adwords now to suck in his victims.

This is Hanania's most recent Google Ad

Ad 0407 190 190
This weekend car transport | Door to door one spot left‎
Call rmc today to book your spot. service constant communication of your investment. Door to door service. personalized service. 30 years won't be beaten on service.

Police Report Event Numbers related to Saba Hanania

A Sydney Law firm is co-ordinating all fraudulant complaints made to Police related to Saba Hanania, RMC Transport and Saba Lawyers. Contact us via FB Messenger and we will connect you with the law firm. Please note only contact us after you have reported your incident with Saba Hanania, RMC Transport or Saba Lawyers and have a Police Event Number.

You can also go to the Victims of RMC Transport Facebook Page to post a complaint or contact us.

More Information about RMC Transport and Saba Hanania

"The RMC Transport - Scammers" Facebook Page

Car Transporter RMC Transport - Scammers

Car Transport Consumer Alert - RMC Transport

Saturday 11 January 2020

Car Transport Consumer Alert - RMC Transport

rmc transport belfield sydney nsw, dangerous, avoid at all costs
RMC Transport A Car Transport Company To Avoid

Car Transport business RMC Transport and its owner Saba Hanania have been reported to RMS NSW for consistantly towing vehicles in excess of the allowable tow weight for their tow vehicles. Apart from the danger to other road users RMC Transport are breaching their obligations under their Transit and Comprehensive Insurance policies in addition to breaches to the third party cover (Green Slip). It is likely Hanania would not be covered in the event of an accident.

Hanania has already been reported to Fair Trading for not paying drivers and has complaints against him for accepting payment to transport vehicles and then no-showing - read more here.


In pics below, taken from RMC Transport Facebook page, Hanania's towing weight is from 500kg to nearly a Ton over the allowable tow weight for the Ford Ranger he uses to transport vehicles (also in the pics).

Hanania often brags about his driving hours "one more to go probably finish around midnight tonight from a 5am start" and "That concludes a long 16 hour day until tomorrow" - two extracts from RMC Transport's Facebook Page.

Apart from the obvious danger from towing well above a vehicles allowable tow weight Hanania is also driving well over National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR - Fatigue Management Standard Hours) permitted driving hours for professional drivers adding to the danger for other road users including himself. He is well over the GCM of 5 ton however drives a car and trailer so is able to ignore the regulations.

rmc transport almost a ton over allowable tow weight
RMC Transport 1000kg Over Allowable Tow Weight

rmc transport 500 kgs over allowable tow weight
RMC Transport 500kg Over Allowable Tow Weight

RMC Transport 500kg over allowable tow weight.
RMC Transport 500kgs Over Allowable Tow Weight

Saba Hanania RMC Transport well over NHVR Standard Driving Hours
Well Over NHVR Standard Driving Hours (Max 12)

If you have an unresolved dispute with RMC Transport it is recommended you contact Consumer Affairs in your State. You will need the following information for your complaint:
RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd ABN 46 633 771 534 t/a RMC Transport
2 Blanche Street
Belfield NSW 2191
Tel: 0407 190 190

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