Saturday 26 June 2021

Marcella Hanania & Saba (Sam) Hanania rip off Mongolian Family

Marcella and Saba (Sam) Hanania
Marcella and Saba (Sam) Hanania

In one of their latest scams Marcella and Saba Hanania targeted a Mongolian Family stuck in Australia due to COVID.

The family including two brothers and the wife of one needed to work to survive in Australia particularly after having a baby. They originally travelled to Australia for a holiday however as mentioned found themselves stranded in Aus due to COVID restrictions.

In order to work for the Hanania's they required a vehicle different to the one they already owned. Saba Hanania encouraged them to sell their vehicle and buy one of the Hanania's Ford Rangers. The Ford Ranger was knowingly sold with debt without informing the family who, being new to Australia did not know about buyer responsibility to check the vehicle was unemcumbered. They worked for the Hanania's for a period until it came time to be paid. The Hanania's didn’t pay them and cut off all communication. The finance company is now about to repo the Ford Ranger.

Process servers are constantly told by Marcella Hanania Saba (also know as Sam or Simon) hasn’t lived at their Belfield NSW home for over two years and she doesn’t know where he is. This is a lie. There are recently taken photographs and transactional data proving he still resides in the family home. The Hanania's use surveilance cameras covering all entrances to the home to vet who they will or won't answer their door to. 

Saba Hanania (El-Hanania) is an ex-lawyer struck off by the NSW Law Society for fraud. The Hanania file contains copies of forged documents and signatures used to steal monies from his Law Firms (Saba Lawyers) trust account. The monies stolen were used to buy expensive vehicles and car trailers, take overseas holidays, do home renovations and much more.

Ex employees of the Hanania's have also reported seeing large stacks of cash in a safe at the Belfield NSW home where they continue to operate a car transport business scamming drivers and car owners (taking money up front then not showing up to pick up vehicles).

The Hanania's recently removed the following Facebook Profiles after being outed for ripping off car owners: Marcella Hanania, Claudia Han, Sam Hanania, Simon Claud, Simon H and Prestige - Car Transport. There are likely other aliases on Facebook and they continue to use their Prestige Car Transport, RMC Transport websites and Google listings to rip off car owners.

They use false company information, including the address, annual turnover and employee numbers listed on Dun & Bradstreet to help legitimise their business. The company listed on D&B is Prestige Car Transport Pty Ltd -

Their websites include: and

Reports have been made to Police by many victims however todate nothing has been done to stop these frauds ripping off drivers and car owners all over Australia.

If you have been ripped off by Marcella and/or Saba Hanania report it immediately to Police. If you require proof Saba Hanania still resides and works from the Belfield NSW home contact us.